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I. Preparing for your interview

A. If you’re properly prepared you will be more confident even if you lack interviewing experience.

B. Proper preparation begins with understanding your own qualifications.

-spend some time evaluating your education, experience and results (For your use only.)

-what have you done and how well have you done it

-don’t be modest

C. Research the company you’re interviewing (Never interview a company you know nothing about)

-Use the World Wide Web, most companies have web pages

-Use resource material like Dun and Bradstreet, Standard and Poors, State and local directories

  • Find information such as products/services, markets, sales volume, growth, locations

D. Attire and Appearance

  • Most employers reject improperly attired candidates
  • Dress conservative and businesslike

II. Interview Strategy

A. Remember to be prepared, arrive early,

B. Always greet everyone you meet by their
surname. If you are not sure or need help with the pronunciation , ask.

C. Shake hands firmly

D. Wait until you're offered a chair to sit. Sit upright, look alert and interested. Listen, listen, listen.  Smile.

E. Asking and Answering questions

  • Follow the interviewer’s leads, but try to get the interviewer to describe the position and duties early so you can relate your answers and background to the position.
  • Try not to answer questions with a simple "yes" or "no". Explain whenever possible. Try to make your answers relate to the position.
  • Be prepared for the typical interview questions like: Tell me about yourself? What are you looking for in a position and company? What are your strengths? What are your weaknesses? What do you know about our company? Why did you choose your career field? What are your qualifications? Remember to try and answer questions so it relates to the position you are interviewing.
  • Answer even tough questions truthfully, and frankly and as "to the point as possible".
  • Never make derogatory remarks about your present or former employers.
  • Never ask about SALARY, VACATIONS, BONUSES, BENEFITS, etc., on the first interview. If pressed tell the interviewer that you are more interested in opportunity than specific salary.
  • Don’t be afraid to ask for the position.

F. Always conduct yourself as if you are determined to get an offer. Never close the door. It is better to choose from a number of jobs - rather than only one.

G. Be sure and get the interviewer(s) name and address, ask for a business card. Always write him/her a follow-up letter expressing interest in the position

H. A lot of companies today use telephone interviews as a first interview. Always prepare for a phone interview as thoroughly as you do a face-to-face interview.

interview-2.gif (32018 bytes)III. In concluding your interview always get a "what will happen next summary"

  • If an offer is made and you want the job accept it on the spot.
  • Always show interest in all job offers
  • Remember to write a brief follow-up thank you letter to the interviewer.

Remember, we will always be happy to discuss your interview situation. E-mail us even if you are not one of our registered candidates.

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